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this is something that i would like to share...
article ni aq dapat dalam paper PSPM 2 untuk subjek English
article ni mengenai blog... : advantages and disadvantages
article ni juga sesuai untuk mereka yang baru nak menyertai dunia blogging.

Owning a blog and posting on it can be interesting and fun way to share information with the world, but what are the real advantages and disadvantages of Internet blogging today?

Many of the advantages and disadvantages of Internet blogging can be judged by the type of blog being maintained. For example, some of the advantages for personal blogs may actually be disadvantages for business-related blogs and sites. The quick and easy way that a blog can be updated is a great advantage to bloggers - especially personal ones who want to be able to keep a daily log of events. This ease, however, can lead to unreal expectations for business blogs where visitors might expect them to be updated each day, even if that is not possible.

Another advantages of personal blogs is the ability to express your feelings, by simply typing in some text and allowing the whole world to read what is going on in your head. This some advantages can be  a disadvantages for a business blog as well. While writing in blog this is business related, it can become all to easy to start writing in a conversational tone, or to express some personal feelings toward your company that might be misconstrued.

There are definitely some advantages to running a business blog, however. The easy way your can be updated does mean that you will able to post new information quickly -  and get it to your customers and clients just as fast. You will also be able to keep everyone informed of new policies, products and other important information without having to send out massive emails or snail mail. You can also drive traffic to your business site from your blog - by having links on your site as well as those of others.

Just as there are advantages to having a business site, there are disadvantages to having personal sites, One of the biggest is posting too much personal information. This can come in the form of putting in particular information (your full name and address, for example) or  "saying" something in one of your posts that you may regret later. Although you can easily delete posts that you have written, blogs have a funny way of staying in the memory of search engines. It is important to never post something that you might be afraid will come back to haunt you.

The advantages and disadvantages of Internet blogging are numerous, but ultimately it is up to you to decide whether or not blogging is something you would enjoy or profit from. Blogs are great way to communicate and experience the Web - if used correctly.

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