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What are participants required to do?
Under the supervision of their English language teacher, students work in teams of four or five to produce a 3-page mini magazine of their own title that explores an idea that can bring about a better quality of life.Themed “ A better life”, teams can choose to focus on one aspect from the following sub-topics:
1. Health
2. Social issues
3. Environment
4. Safety
5. Science and technology
6. Education
7. Charity and community
8. Relationships
9. ICT
10. Racial integration
The topic you feature must be specific. For example, if your team decides to address a topic on health, select one focal aspect to explore, for example, “Keeping fit with exercise”. This topic must be addressed in the feature article.The magazine must also contain at least three elements found in a magazine (eg advice column/agony aunt page, comic strips, anecdotes, advertisements, polls, etc). These elements must be related to the issue written in the feature article.

Pizza Hut vouchers
The contest coordinator from each participating school will receive a coordinator level prize of a RM50 Pizza Hut voucher.
Teachers stand a chance to win one or three Pizza Hut regular pan pizza voucher(s).
The lists of teams and teachers receiving their vouchers will be published on June 6 and Aug 1 in StarEducation.
The Pizza Hut vouchers for the participating students and teachers will be sent to the schools.
*for more information CLICK HERE

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