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Informative 2 : etika online

etika bukan sekdar ketika di majlis formal sahaja, tetapi etika juga adalah perlu ketika kita 'online'...
Topik hari ini adalah berkaitan etika....tetapi ini lain sikit dimana kita berkongsi mengenai etika online atau dalam bahasa Inggeris dikenali sebagai 'NETIQUETTE'

gambar dari Mr.Google

at first let us look for the definition of Netiquette :
Netiquette is the code of acceptable behaviors, users should follow while on the internet
Netiquette is the term of politeness when using the internet.
Netiquette (short of network etiquette) refers to etiquette on the Internet.

3 areas where good netiquette is highly stressed are e-mail, online chat and newsgroup

Rules of netiquette:
  1. Keep message brief - do not send uncompressed attachment
  2. Be CLEAR - make sure subject lines (e-mail) or page title (web page) reflect content
  3. Use appropriate language - 
    1. use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation
    2. Do not use capital letter (its equal to shouting or screaming)
    3. use abbreviations and acronym for phrase (eg. btw - by the way, tyvm - thank you very much)
    4. be polite avoid offensive language
  4. Be careful when using sarcasm and humor
    1. it might be misinterpreted
    2. use emotion to express emotion (eg. : ) - smile, : l - indifference, : \ - undecided, :( - frawn)
  5. Avoid sending SPAM
  6. Avoid forward chain letter
  7. Avoid sending or posting flames.
    1. Flames : abusive or insulting messages sent using the internet.
  8. NEVER read someone's private email
  9. Clearly identify a spoiler which is a message that reveals a solution to a game or ending to a movie or program.
  10. Read the FAQ (frequently asked questions)
  11. Do not assume material is accurate or up to date. Be forgiving of other mistake.
  12. Obey copyright laws.
    1. Don't use other image, content, etc without permission
    2. Don't forward email, or use website content without permission
  13. Cite others' work you use

more info about Netiquette on Wiki
this is also my notes on Science Computer subject

kadang kala kita tidak sedar, dalam kita melakukan sesuatu kita telah melanggar etika itu...etika ni tak semestinya dipatuhi 100%. ianya di wujudkan bagi memberi kebaikan kepada semua pihak...

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