Selasa, 18 Oktober 2011

Informative 4 : Utility Program

What is Utility Program?
  • Utility Program is a software that allows users to perform maintenance - type task related to managing a computer, its device or its programs.
  • Most Operating System (OS) include several utility program for managing disk drives, printers and other devices.

Type of Utility Program
1. File Compression Tools
Function : reduce the size of files

2. Anti-virus Program
Function : Protect a computer against viruses

3. Spyware Remover
Function :  Detects and deletes spyware, adware and other similar programs

4. Disk Defragmentor
Function : Reorganized files and unused space on a hard disk so that OS access data menu quickly

5. Backup and Restore
Function : -
(i) Backup : allows users to copy selected files or an entire hard disk to another storage medium
(ii) Restore : Reverse the backup process and returns backup files to their original form

example of all type of Utility Program can be search in the search engine such as Google or Yahoo
more info about Utility Program CLICK HERE

*this is my notes for Science Computer subject in Matriculation

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